perfect view



Lying in a hammock, with a view of the lake and a book in hand can only mean ‚holiday‘ in it’s truest form.
Toucans, hummingbirds and an abundance of parrots will give you the feeling that you‘ve discovered paradise.  With ideal temperatures, an extensive siesta will become part of your daily routine.  Binoculars should always be within reach though, as birds, butterflies and other brightly coloured jungle inhabitants can be watched whilst feeding.  You can hear the cries of the howler monkeys repeatedly throughout the day.  These creatures live in the trees and don’t grow to more than half a metre in size.  In this environment you’ll easily forget any stress and  daily concerns.

A good breakfast can also be eaten out in one of the local Soditas in the small village of Rio Piedras.  Whether Gallo Pinto, Casados or other Costa Rican delicacies – meals are always freshly prepared by the boss.  Equus is the best restaurant in the area.  There you can enjoy a real treat of barbecued fish and meat specialities.  For those who enjoy something a bit more upmarket, the Gingerbread is a hit.  Not only is the restaurant situated half an hour from us, but many describe it as the best in Costa Rica.