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Almost 20 years ago we came across Costa Rica by accident. 

A planned 3-week
holiday grew into a life-long project.  Through the beauty of the country and the friendly people, we decided to settle on Lake Arenal in 1992.  We wanted a house with a 300m2 garden, but due to a communication problem  we ended up with a 3 ha property. 

We’ve built 3 bungalows, a house and acquired several horses in this area with it’s beautiful lake view.  Our small family has also grown.  I,peter, am married and now the father of 4 great children. The whole family is always game when it’s time for Costa Rica.  We live our lives in two countries – in spring and summer we’re in Austria, where I work as a tour guide, and in winter we return to our second home, Costa Rica.  The school books are always taken along and the children are home schooled.  Ariane spend the entire year in Costa Rica and she and her mother look after our guests when we’re not there.  Marie is our all-round helper and Carlos is responsible for the garden and various other small tasks 

Our small, amiable bungalows accommodate two to four guests each.  Each bungalow has a toilet, shower and fully equipped kitchen. The view from the window and terrace is of the beautiful Lake Arenal landscape.
The immediate area is best discovered on horseback.  We have South American Paso Fino horses, which are ridden with local working saddles and western reigns.  A trip to the high-lying rainforest offers a wonderful view of the entire landscape.  We also offer riding lessons and our  horses are perfectly suited for beginners.

Breakfast is served on our terrace, with local and Austrian specialities being prepared on request. Books, games and and a bar with Marion’s freshly prepared cocktails are the perfect invitation to relax, even when a tour hasn‘t been undertaken. 

Day trips are best undertaken with a hire-car, and we’re more than happy to offer tips and advice.  Not far from us, there are many attractive places to visit, such as the most frequented and almost always active Arenal Volcano.